Peace in the Unknown

I for one am saying a very happy hasta la vista to 2018. All I can remember from this past year is the sadness it has brought as my brother went to be with the Lord. My mind is clouded as if that is the only event that took place this year. But then I am reminded of the joy that comes when I remember that my brother is living his best, holy and blameless life in Heaven. What a beautiful blessing it is to have this comfort.

I was talking recently with a dear friend about how we are able to feel the presence of lost loved ones in the everyday details of our lives. When we take a step back and realize that they are with us in the same way that God is with us, we will feel their presence evermore. This opened my eyes to see that although my family is grieving, it brings my brother nothing but joy to get to do life with us and play a part in the details.

I don’t have any New Year resolutions for you today, because if I’m being honest, I’ve never been a big fan. I just want to say this: let this be your year. Maybe you take a class for fun and not because you have to, learn something new about yourself, develop a new friendship or repair an old one. For me personally, I want 2019 to be a year of growth and healing, and knowing that the Lord has already come beside me to start this process.

We made it through the holidays, as difficult as they can be. Here is your dose of real talk for the New Year, two days late, but what else is new. Praying that this year we will all feel the presence of the Lord and of our loved ones lost. God is good. All the time. Find peace in knowing that He goes before us now.

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