Jewelry Makeover

I am writing to you today from the comfort of my home in St. Louis as I watch the snow fall outside my window! Talk about a perfect day to organize!

Those who know me know that I love organization. Love may even be putting it lightly. A good makeover and decluttering session can completely turn a room around. I pretty much do a little bit every day to my room both at home and at school. I am a firm believer that every item has a place. Both in organization and cleanliness, everything must be pristine. It is healthy for my mind and soul to have a neat place to come home to that I can function in well.

I am high maintenance in this way because I am constantly organizing and moving things around! It is therapeutic for me to watch a room come together and only keep what is absolutely necessary and what actually gets used. The fact is that if it is something I do not use anymore, chances are good that someone else can find better purpose for that item!

I do not know about the rest of you, college kids, but for me personally, I find it very difficult to live in two different places at once. This creates a bit of chaos because of the amount of stuff I have accumulated while living in two different states. For my jewelry I have found that a smaller jewelry box for earrings and little jewelry bags for bracelets work well when transporting back and forth from school! All the more reason to declutter and try our best to keep it all organized! Just trying to see how many times I can say organization in this post before you guys realize how obsessed I am with it!

The true purpose of this blog post is related to the title. I want to show you all the recent improvement I did on my jewelry – I just get distracted easily when it comes to organizing!


It was all very simple until I had to untangle about 10 necklaces that had been sitting in a knot for about a year now! I simply reorganized my jewelry box (old from pottery barn) and purchased a stand from Homegoods for necklaces and bracelets (to avoid the tangled mess).


Jewelry Stand – Homegoods $12

Just for fun I want to show you in detail how I chose to organize each drawer.


Earrings galore!


Bracelets & Misc. 


Hair accessories

I am so happy with this new improvement, and it was well worth it to spend a few hours untangling my necklaces so that now I can actually wear them! As always, thank you for reading! Comment the next place you would like to re-vamp in your house or dorm room!

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